Saturday Program


Saturday’s events are posted below.  To register for a session, simply click on the session time/location and follow the instructions (you’ll be taken to an eventbrite webpage).  Please note that, for afternoon sessions, you’ll also need to purchase a wristband ($10 from St Charles Exchange).


900-1015 Panel 4 / Brown Hotel


“Bar Trek: Alcohol Consumption and the Male Third Space in the Star Trek Franchise”

William Biferie, Stetson University


“Cocktails that Aren’t Cocktails and the Gentleman’s Gentlemen that Make Them”

Michael Lewis, Indiana University


“Norman Mailer, Brendan Behan, and Notorious Celebrity”

Steve Watt, Indiana University


1015-1130 Panel 5 / Brown Hotel


“A real Rumdinger: The cosmopolitan allure of Seagram’s postwar cocktails”

Lisa Sumner, Carleton University, Canada


“Branded Spirits, Blanded Spirits”

Craig Owens, Drake University


1300-1430 Panel 6 / St Charles Exchange


“‘Make it another Old Fashioned, Please’: Cocktails in the Jazz Age”

Judith Roof, Rice University


“‘They made me feel civilized’: The Martini as Modernist Culture.”

Michael Coyle, Colgate University


“The Lingering Louche: Absinthe, the Green Demon of Alternative Modernity”

Aaron Jaffe, University of Louisville


1430-1600 Roundtable 2 / St Charles Exchange


Bernie Lubbers, Whiskey Professor, Heaven Hill Distilleries

Sara Havens, Bar Belle, LEO Weekly

Brandon O’Daniel, Copper and Kings Distillery


1600-1730 Keynote 2 / St Charles Exchange


“Confessions of a Cocktail Nerd: My Journey from Making Cocktails to Making Spirits”

Sonja Kassebaum, co-founder of North Shore Distillery, Chicago


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