Barthes on the ideal drink…


Drinks one drinks all one’s life without really liking them: tea, whiskey.  Drinks-for-times, drinks for effects, and not drinks-for-flavors.  Search for an ideal drink: which would be rich in metonymies of all kinds.

–Roland Barthes


Update on Conference Accommodations


Just a quick status update on conference accommodations:  we’re currently working to lock in a conference hotel, with competitive rates, and should have that finalized in the next week or so.  If you’re planning on booking a hotel room, consider waiting a few days until we can post a link with a group booking code.


Welcome to Cocktail Culture: A Conference


2013-06-09 21.22.10Welcome to the conference website.  We’ll be using this site to keep in touch as plans develop for Cocktail Culture: A Conference.  General conference information is available on the pages to the left; these pages will be updated over the next few weeks.

We’ll also be keeping conference attendees and interested readers informed about conference developments, local food and drink news, and other cocktail-related news.

Stay tuned!