Friday Program


Friday’s events are posted below.  To register for a session, simply click on the session time/location and follow the instructions (you’ll be taken to an eventbrite webpage).  Please note that, for afternoon sessions, you’ll also need to purchase a wristband ($10 from St Charles Exchange).


900-1015 Panel 1 / Brown Hotel


“Cocktail Culture, Idealized Femininity, and the Post-War Cocktail Dress”

Lori Hall-Araujo, Independent Scholar


“The Cocktail Party in John Dos Passos’ U.S.A. Trilogy”

Wilson Kaiser, Jacksonville University


“Shaken or Stirred? Gender and the Cocktail’s Influence in Film, Culture, and the Media”

Jodie Mader, Thomas More University


1015-1130 Panel 2 / Brown Hotel


“Polynesian Paralysis: Race in a Tiki Mug”

Andrew Pilsch, Arizona State University


“Cocktail Community and The Case of the Congener: Toward a Metaphoric Understanding of the Limits of Inclusivity and Diversity Politics”

Kristen Renzi, Xavier University


“’That’s All We Do’: Silence, Drinking, and Teaching Hemingway”

Tom Byers, University of Louisville


1300-1430 Panel 3 / St Charles Exchange


“Sweet Oblivion: The Ethnobotany of the Zombie Cocktail”

David Bering-Porter, Michigan State University


“The Boulevardier: Craft, Industrialism, and the Nostalgic Origin in Cocktail Culture”

Antonio Ceraso, DePaul University


“Hangovers, Hairs of the Dog, and the Inevitability of Excess”

Stephen Schneider, the University of Louisville


1430-1600 Roundtable 1 / St Charles Exchange


Michael Veach, bourbon historian, Filson Historical Society

Albert Schmid, Sullivan University

Susan Reigler, author, Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book

Fred Minnick, author, Whiskey’s Women

Kyle Henderson, Angel’s Envy Bourbon


1600-1730 Keynote 1 / St Charles Exchange


“Getting Lit – Classic Examples of Literary Libations and Their Role in Fiction”

Philip Greene, Vice President, Museum of the American Cocktail


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